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My Approach

I want to meet you where you are and work together to determine how to move forward. I believe you are the expert of your life and I want to walk with you and help you to navigate life's challenges. Whether you believe that your concerns are big or small, therapy can help. Taking care of our emotional and brain health is just as important as going to the doctor and dentist. I can assure you that I am committed to creating a therapeutic space that is comfortable for you and meets your individual needs.

Here are some of the concerns and stressors that I can be here to help you with: 

  • Stress (work, school, family, etc.) 

  • Setting goals, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Domestic violence 

  • Victim of abuse (intimate partner violence, family, technology, bullying)

  • Living with suicidal thoughts 

  • New medical diagnosis or serious medical event 

  • Pregnancy loss 

  • Phase of life 

  • Life transitions, major life changes 

  • Coping with terminal illness and prolonged sickness

  • End-of-life well-being 

  • Learning healthy communication skills and navigating how to have difficult conversations

  • Trauma 

  • Grief

  • Depression and Anxiety 

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